Leading Manufacurer of Plastic Bottles, Jars, and containers in Asia

AGROPACK INDUSTRY,with the ISO9001:2008 Standard, are contract manufacturers of plastic packaging.We expertise through a variety of products for over 18 years. Our machines can be divided as follows :

Extrusion blow molding

This system is able to manufactureseveral kind of plastics such as PETG, HDPE, PVC, PP, LDPE etc. Our capacity is suitable for producing the container volume between 5 to 3000 ml.We are dominating in the market share of several famous representatives across the country and around the world in the plastic packaging such ascosmetic and toiletry bottles, car care, part of toys, electronic and children bottles etc.

Injection Stretch Blow molding

This system mainly uses PETE, PC for producing consumer products,which need gas impermeable property such as shampoo, body lotion and drinking water bottles.

Injection blow molding

This system is widely used to produce plastic bottle cap. The involved plastic materials are PP, PS, AS, ABS, etc.

Apart from manufacturing plastic packaging, we also offer decorative plastic bottles to meet your needs with our expertise as the following :


Shrink wrap

with this technology, you can customize your product appearance as you desired by wraping it with a colorful and trendy film.


Silk screen

we can print your appreciated artwork on either bottles or caps up to 4 colors. A solvent and UV based printing system are available for your choice.


Hot stamp

you can decorate and add value with gold or silver hot stamp around any shape products(bottles and caps).



Ultrasonic wave allow you to create advance package by connecting 2 parts of plastic product together.