Company Profile

Leading Manufacturer of Plastic Bottles, Jars, and containers in Asia

We are the leader in contract manufacturing of small plastic packaging size ranging from 5 - 100 ml for a hotel amenity. Over 18 years of pioneering in this industry, we have an expertise inproducing plastic bottle with a variety of designs. Our quality system is guaranteed by ISO9001:2008 certificate from SGS Institute.All bottles we produce are leak proof.

Due to the fact that the demand of the larger bottle size had increased, we expanded the production capability to be able to produce the bottle from the mid-size to 3000 ml. In summary, we can now produce bottles from 5 to 3000 ml to serve the need of the emerging market.

As the demand for larger packages increase, our company developed 100 ml to 3000 ml plastic packaging, as common molds, to serve those who don’t want to invest the tooling cost. We,therefore,currently are expertise in producing a variety of design packaging, which have size up to 3000 ml with the minimum order quantity as low as 3000 pcs up to size of products.

Our policy :

“ We are commited to improve our quality management system continuously in order to produce the high quality packaging guaranteed by national standard to meet our customer needs.”

Address : 237 SoiThakam 8, Samaedam, Bangkhunthien, Bangkok 10150 Thailand
Telephone : +662-416-8225-8
Fax : +662-416-8229
E-mail :
Person to Contact : Chinapa Pientaweerat
Year in Business : Since 1992
Capital : 25 Million Baht
Number of workers : 200 persons
Bank Reference : Kasikornbank
Products Line
: Extrusion mold Bottle/ Material:  PE, PP, PVC, PETG (Capacity 5-5000 ml/bottle)
Injection stretch blow mold  (single stage) / Material: PETE , PC (Weight up to 90 g)
Injection stretch blow mold  (double stage) Material: PETE , PC (Weight  up to 120 g)
Injection  mold  material : PP, PS, AS, HIPS, ABS (Weight up to 150 g)
Production Capacity : 5,000,000 Units/Month
Production Lead Time : 30-60 Days
MIN Order--Local : 3,000-10,000 Units (upto size of products)
MIN Order--Export : 20 or 40 feet Containers
Price : Thai baht for domestic, US Dollar for Export
Term of payment : L/C, T/T, Cash